It's the season of hearts and love and maybe more importantly, candy! Ok well, maybe the candy is not the most important part of the Valentine's season but it is pretty close and if you think back to your childhood, I bet one candy was far more important than the rest of what the holiday had to offer.

We all got the little boxes of candy hearts as a kid. While sweet and sugary, they certainly were not necessarily the most delicious but they may have been the most fun! The creative sayings stamped onto the heart-shaped sugar cubes could tell your crush that you thought they were something special with phrases like "cutie pie" and "be mine" and now in 2022 things like "text me" and "bestie" are part of the mix.

All that sugar on the brain got me thinking about how cool candy hearts would be if instead of cutesie little phrases, they were stamped with lyrics from some of our favorite rocks songs. I mean is there anything that says love more that Slipkot or Motorhead lyrics? What about Rob Zombie, Korn or Nirvana? And now that we're adults, we can leave the cutesie stuff behind.

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And this is exactly the line of thinking that lead me down the rabbit hole that you are about to witness. I put on my very creative Valentine's Day hat - it has hearts (and horns) on it if you were wondering - and I got to work creating 12 candy hearts perfect for the rockstar lover in your life. I mean really, can we get the folks from the Sweethearts candy company on the phone and get these into production? I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I think these candy heart ideas, well... rock!

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