The Defenders certainly took a toll on Misty Knight, but our second “Daughter of the Dragon” will be armed and dangerous in time for Luke Cage Season 2. Our first photo of the new season sees a moment comic fans have been waiting for, simultaneously raising some Marvel-ous questions.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Marvel’s The Defenders from here on out, but all our Hot Tub Time Machine wishful thinking paid off for Simone Missick’s Misty Knight. The character finally lost her right arm in the heat of battle, with the final episode promising Danny’s connections could help her upgrade to the bionic limb of her comic counterpart.

We weren’t sure if that would wait for Missick’s arrival in Iron Fist Season 2, but as Entertainment Weekly now reveals in a first photo, Misty will be back in action with her new arm alongside Luke next year:

That said, Marvel naturally kept mum on the source of Misty’s sweet new gear, which looks more like modern tech than the super-strong and multi-functional comic version. The Defenders finale seemed to imply that Danny’s hospital would provide the replacement, though the comic character notably received a bionic limb from Tony Stark after losing hers in an explosion.

Suffice to say, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t likely to put in a cameo, but it’s possible Stark tech might garner a mention in Luke Cage Season 2. The series is expected to resume in 2018 after Jessica Jones Season 2, so stay tuned for the latest.

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