Fairytale 101

This past weekend, my daughter and I watched the new Cinderella starring Camila Cabello and at first, I was like - do we really NEED another Cinderella movie? But I was pleasantly surprised that this one was really different from all other versions - even Hillary Duff's super-duper take on the fairytale A Cinderella Story (cringe cringe crrrrringe).

One of my favorite parts of the new version is the Fairy Godmother played by Billy Porter. I mean, the man does know fashion. I won't spoil the twists for you but I will say - in classic fairytale fashion - Ella ends up getting everything she ever wanted all because of a little magic and a spectacular dress.

Fairy Godmothers Are REAL and They Live in Warrick Co.

Fairy Godmothers... a lovely thought, huh? I was blessed that my parents were always able to provide me with a beautiful gown that made me feel extra special. Not everyone has that. And formal dresses can be very pricey. Sometimes, we just need someone to swoop in and bless us with a beautiful dress so we can be Cinderella for a day.

Well, I am happy to report that a group of Fairy Godmothers (FGs) - and Godfathers (GFs) -  have convened in Warrick County to do what Fairy Godparents (FPs) do best - provide dresses to girls who need them for their big night.

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The FGs Need Your Help - Donate Your Dresses

Love the 812 community service organization in Chandler is currently collecting gently used (or new) school-appropriate gowns for girls in Warrick County who need a Santa Switch dress.

Love the 812 - the community service arm of The Refuge Christian Church - takes on various local service projects throughout the year including Backpack Buddies, serving at the Warrick Ecumenical Soup Kitchen, blood drives, and Swiping Christmas.

Head Fairy Godmother In Charge, Twana Avery told me that they saw a need in the community and wanted to help. And just like that, Blessed with the Dress was born.

But, here's the deal. We don't want any girls having to turn in their dress at midnight so our FGs will need a little help. They are asking the community to donate gently used or new dresses and accessories.

Dress Drop Off Times

    • Wednesday, October 6 from 4-9 at The Refuge Christian Church
    •  Saturday, October 9 from 9-1 at The Refuge Christian Church
    • Wednesday, October 13 from 4-9 at The Refuge Christian Church

Business & Monetary Donations Welcome

If you are a business that would like to donate a gift card to use on Santa Switch night (such as dinner, hair, makeup - or you know, pumpkins and mice) or fund a young lady's evening directly, please contact Twana Avery via Facebook. 

Calling All Cinderellas

If you or someone you know is in need of a formal dress for a high school event such as Santa Switch, please contact Twana Avery via Facebook to set up a time to pick out your dress.

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Family photos are provided by JD Stark Photography in Evansville.

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