Last year I interviewed Angel N Rhodes for our 103GBF You Tube Channel.  She is the lead singer of the Evansville based band Deja Blu 5.  Back then she told me about the work her band was doing on their debut album.  Well, that album is coming out this Saturday during the band's release party ay the Bokeh Lounge in the Haynie Corner Arts District.. There's more on the event here.

The image above if the cover of Deja Blu 5's debut CD.  Oddly enough, this band has only 4 members;.Angel Rhodes - Vocals, Steve Offerman -Drums, Matt Stone - Bass and Ryan Lantz - Guitar .  Without going through each of the 8 tracks on the album I can sum it up in a more brief statement.  The album production and performances are excellent.   Angel is a tremendous vocalist with multi-octave range.  She reminds me of various great female vocalists from Ann Wilson of Heart to Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.  The band sets a nice groove and the guitar playing is tasty and tight with nice little riffs.  It would hard to label the music in one particular genre, as it would appeal especially to fans of pop, blues, R&B and funk.  The songs that I liked the most were Track 1 "Clip The Ties" and Track 5 "Drink It Away".


Supporting local music is important.  We have a lack of a music scene in the area, and to help develop it, do your best in going out to see hometown bands when they play and purchase their music if possible.  I would recommend the Deja Blu 5 album whole heartedly t those who enjoy good playin' and singin'.  Follow the band on their official Facebook page here.