The Louisville Metro Police Department had a major bust this weekend in a human trafficking sting.  Seven fathers were arrested on related charges after they answered an online solicitation ad.

According to WLKY;

The men taken into custody are Amos Brown, 49, of Hodgenville, Jeffrey Stutts, 36, of Eastview, Richard Tong, 47, of Louisville, Bradley Martin, 34,of Jeffersonville, Indiana, Fabio Arguello, 47, of Louisville, Blake Jeffreys, 40, of Louisville, and Edward Phillips, 53, of Shepherdsville.

Pedigo said all are facing the same two charges: promoting human trafficking victim under 18 years of age and prohibited use of electronic communication system to procure minor/peace officer.

Some will face additional charges for other circumstances. For example, some had drugs.

Here's how the sting was conducted: Detectives posted 6 ads online for solicitation they were up for two days.

Pedigo said they were contacted 115 times. He said many bailed out after learning the ad was for a 16-year-old.

The seven arrested showed up to a provided hotel room. When they arrived, they were greeted by a female officer and then taken into custody.

He said a dozen other men showed up at the hotel, but never went inside.

Pedigo said some of the facts about the suspect surprised him. The most surprising, he said, was that they were all fathers, many of them to girls.

He also said five of the seven had steady jobs -- and seemed like your average community member.


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