Originally people were saying that this weekend we could be seeing some Winter weather, but the National Weather Service says otherwise...

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures - zero. Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit. Cold winter weather - zero celsius thirty two farenheit
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The National Weather Service is saying that for a majority of the Tri-State we should be seeing no snow or ice this weekend. Now, Madisonville and south of Owensboro are looking at a little snow/ice possible, but for the majority of the Tri-State the models are looking drier.

Now there is the potential for this to continue changing as we've seen it change over the last few days, but as someone who will be out at our annual 911 Gives Hope for the Holidays Toy Drive all weekend, I'm happy to hear of no snow/ice for most of the Tri-State as I'd hate to have it hinder our weekend of giving! Regardless we will be out there all weekend with smiles on our faces collecting toys!

Here's what the National Weather Service is saying:

Forecast has trended drier and farther south this weekend's potential winter weather. Best chances for light snow or light icing will be across SE MO into W KY. Difficult travel is possible in the blue shaded area. Further adjustments are likely, so stay tuned for updates.


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