Dave Lyons passed away last night at the age of 59.  Dave had been in Evansville radio for about 35 years, first as my boss at KC103 *(which later became 103GBF) and then as a well known newsman for the rest of his career.  I had never known my real father, so I always called Dave, "Dad".


He was a truly kind, compassionate, trustworthy man.  He loved the Cubs and playing golf.  Most of all he had a passion for the radio industry.  With his roots in rock radio, he and I had many lunches together where we'd talk about little else other than the music we played on KC103 from 1980-1983, and all the bands that had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth since.   I will remember this man fondly.  He was always someone I could turn to when I had personal problems.  He was a great listener who also gave great advice.  Dave Lyons left this earth way too soon..  He will be missed by many.


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