You know when you hear a song and you just can't help but sing along? Multiply that by 10 thousand.


Queen is just one of those bands that you cannot help but rocking out to no matter how many times you hear their songs. Or where. I mean, how many times have you heard a Queen song at a grocery store or the mall and started nodding your head and mouthing along to the lyrics? Too many times to count.


So what happens when Queen gets played over the loud speakers before a Green Day concert at London's Hyde Park? You might turn to your friends and sing along to it, maybe jump around a bit, have fun. Except, in this case, EVERY SINGLE PERSON did that and the result was AWESOME.


What? Did you expect them to stay silent? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! It's QUEEN!


*Notice that the guy about to do a sound check for the drums goes away and waits until the song is over. Cool points for him.



And catch Green Day on their US Revolution Radio Tour! (So maybe you can sing more Bohemian Rhapsody to them.)


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