It's St. Patrick's Day weekend. Which means you might need a ride home.

St. Paricl's Day is awesome. Green. Ireland. Beer. More irish stuff. More beer. ALL THE GREEN. It's great. Esspecially since it falls on a Saturday this year. Which means no work the next day.

But just because you have the opportunity to drink more than you would on a weekday, doesn't mean you shouldn't get home safely. (Also, drink responsibly. Don't go overboard. It's nice to wake up at home, not in a hospital bed...)

So Logan's Promise is offering free cab rides tonight and tomorrow night (March 16th and 17th)

But these cab rides are to get you HOME. This isn't a 'free bar hoping' opportunity.

Just call 812-429-0000 when you want to go home, and Logan's Promise will cover your cab ride home. (Save that number in your phone. You'll probably need it this weekend.)

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