Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced Logan's Promise to cancel the 2020 edition of their  featured fundraiser, the Walk to Remember. The event is also the largest fundraiser for the non-profit each and every year. In an effort to make up for the loss of donations, the group will be hosting a weekly auction on their Facebook page of the items initially meant to be used for the silent auction of the Walk.

Here's how it works. Every Friday beginning June 12th (2020), the organization will post a photo of one of the items with the starting bid stated in the status update. If you're interested in that item, simply make your bid by posting it as a comment on the post. The first bid must at least be the starting bid they are asking. For example, if they post a gift basket of some kind and start the bidding at $20, you must bid at least $20 if you're the first bidder in order for it to count. If 10 people have bid on it before you, your bid must be at least one dollar more than the previous bid in order to be accepted as a legitimate bid.

Once the bidding on each item is closed, the person with the highest bid will win that item and will be contacted through Facebook messenger to let them know they won, and to arrange payment and pick up of the item. In the event the winning bidder decides they no longer want the item, the person with second highest bid will get it.

Only cash or check payments will be accepted, and all checks need to be out to Logan's Promise, Inc.

Be sure to check the Logan's Promise Facebook page every Friday to see what item is on the auction block. You might just find something you can't live with out, and help out a great organization at the same time.

In other Logan's Promise happening, the group will once again offer their Free Ride Home Program 4th of July weekend through a partnership with Lyft.

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