Since the beginning of this doggone pandemic, our local McDonald's restaurants have been front and center, taking care of the extraordinary people who have been taking care of us, whether that's first responders, teachers, or the healthcare professionals on the coronavirus frontlines. Just in the last year, local McDonald's restaurants have created and handed out awards for outstanding local educators, they have donated over $26,000 to Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley, and just last month they donated over 32,000 McRibs to the Tri-State Food Bank.

To mark the one-year anniversary of our lives being flipped upside-down, McDonald's restaurants all around Evansville and the Tri-State area are once again celebrating our brave healthcare workers by offering them a FREE beverage of their choice (in the drive-thru) from March 15-19.

Kelsey Hamlet is one of our local McDonald's owners, and she says “We know that during the toughest of times, we can count on our healthcare heroes to be there for us. We hope through this gesture, they know we’re here for them, too, and appreciate the sacrifices they make for us every day, especially over this last year.”

To get that free drink, healthcare workers will need to show a valid healthcare ID badge when ordering. There is no purchase necessary.

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The free drink offer comes on the heels of another generous act, that didn't get any publicity - I just learned about it. On March 5th, the owners of all the Evansville McDonald's locations delivered 800 breakfast sandwiches to Ascension St. Vincent.

Keep in mind that, yes, McDonald's is a gigantic national brand, but all of these locations are locally owned and operated. These are our people helping out our people. That's pretty awesome!

McDonald's delivers breakfast sandwiches

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