I realize that food insecurity has always been a thing, and probably always will be - but I feel like a lot more attention has been given to this issue in the last couple of years. Food insecurity really affected a lot more people once everything shut down due to the pandemic. I really can't recall hearing about or seeing so many food share events before 2019 - maybe on a smaller scale but not with cars lined up for hours and hours. Food banks and pantries, however, have always been an essential part of our community, and one local food pantry now has the opportunity to help even more families.

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Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Baa...I'm Lovin' It

We are certainly loving the news about what a group of local McDonald's restaurant owners/operators just did. The owners recently donated just over $13,000 to the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation Foundation, which will use that money to support the Lincoln Food Pantry and will also be used to support parent engagement events throughout EVSC. Rick Mann is one of those McDonald's owners, during the check presentation, he said,

At McDonald’s, we’re committed to feeding all members of our communities. There are so many in Evansville and the surrounding area with food insecurities, and when we learned about the impact that Lincoln Food Pantry has locally, we saw the perfect opportunity to help make a difference.


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And what about the group that received this generous donation, what do they have to say? EVSC Foundation President, Elisabet Sena-Martin says,

The Food Pantry at Lincoln is a true jewel of collaboration and community support. Through the toughest months of the pandemic, it helped prepare and distribute cooked-from-scratch meals for hundreds of people in partnership with Urban Seeds. It has continued to grow and evolve as a source of nutritious foods so adults and children have the right kind of fuel they need to work, learn, and enjoy time together.

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Each McDonald’s restaurant in Evansville and the surrounding area is locally owned and operated by members of the community. McDonald’s Owner/Operators including Michael Burrell, Ivan Carvajal, Kelsey Hamlet, Chip and Katie Kenworthy, Rick and Susan Mann, and Janet Rodriguez came together to make the donation.

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