Do you want to live in the house where Lizzie Borden spent the last years of her life? (Potential hauntings included?) Then this house is for you!

Now, just to clarify, this isn't the "murder house". It's not the house her father and step mother were brutally axed in. THAT house is a bed and breakfast that you can feel free to book a night in the next time you visit Massachusetts. (If you're not too scared, that is.)



The house that is for sale is the house that Lizzie lived in after she was acquitted of the murders and remained there until she passed away in 1927 of pneumonia. And yes, she did die in the home. Also, her funeral was held in the home as well. Creepy.


(Strangely enough, her sister passed away just a mere 10 days later in New Hampshire.)


The Queen Anne Victorian mansion was was built in 1889 for Charles Allen, and purchased by the Borden sisters (Lizzie and Emma) in 1894. The sisters named the residence "Maplecroft", and made it official by craving the name into the top step on the porch in 1909.


The home has had many owners since 1889, but since the early 2000's people that purchase the home don't stay for too long. It's been on the and off the market multiple times in the past 10 years, but the most recent owner was Kristee Bates in 2014, who has been restoring the property since.


When Kristee first purchased the property, she said she felt "comfortable and safe" there, and fell in the love with the original wood parquet floors. She was planning on restoring the house and then turning it into a bed and breakfast and giving tours (much like the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast). But, here we are 3 years later, and while she did restore the house, she doesn't want it anymore. Why? Why hasn't anyone stayed in this house for very long? Is it a financial thing? Or is it a 'there are spirits here that don't want you here and/or make make people uncomfortable' thing?


There haven't been many 'ghost stories' coming out of Maplecroft, but that may be because this is a residence. When hauntings happen in a residence (especially one like this that has been hard to sell for many years) any story pertaining to hauntings on the property might make it harder to sell. I mean, it already has a sordid history because Lizzie Borden was a previous owner, and that alone makes this house hard to get rid of despite it's beauty.


Although, to be fair between 1927 and the early 2000's families lived here for about 30 years at a time. So maybe I'm just looking too much into this.


So, I'm not saying it's haunted. But I'm not saying it's NOT haunted... (And neither are any of the previous owners).


Kristee purchased the house for $500,000 back in 2014. Today, after being fully restored, the house is now for sale at $849,900. (Just seeing that number makes me want to clutch my wallet.)


So if you're in the market for a gorgeous 8 bed (but 14 rooms total), 3 bath, and 6 fireplace Queen Anne in Fall River, Mass. (that may or may not be haunted) and have $900,000, then this house is for you!



Click here to see photos and interior of the house. Even if you don't think the house is haunted, you gotta admit, the interior is GORGEOUS.



This video was made in June of 2016, and it says that tours were to take place in May 2017. But I googled the heck out of that information and found no tours had taken place this year...Strange....



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