Way back in 1969, Little Debbie added Fudge Brownies to their snack cake lineup. I still remember getting excited when I opened my lunchbox at school and seeing that Mom had packed one in there for me. To this day, they're still one of my favorites. We keep them in the break room from time to time, and whether I'm hungry or not, I'll grab one when I see them. Now, fans of those fudgy snack cakes, like myself, can have them by the bowl full with the release of Cosmic Brownies cereal which I recently found at Walmart in Newburgh while picking up a few things.

The cereal is made by Kellogg's and features crunchy chocolate puffs with rainbow sprinkles to mimic the tiny multi-colored chocolate candies that top the brownies themselves. The family-size box pictured above sells for $3.64. It's the second partnership between the two companies, joining Oatmeal Cream Pie Cereal released earlier this year.

For years, cereal has been accused of essentially being dessert disguised as breakfast. Most are loaded with sugar, but attempt to pass themselves off as somewhat healthy by touting somewhere on the box they're made with whole grain oats because that sounds like something that's good for you. That's not the case here. Kellogg's doesn't make any attempt to pretend there's a positive health value. No mention of whole grain oats, or natural flavorings. They're basically saying, "Hey, remember those snack cakes you loved as a kid that your mom wouldn't let you eat more than one of because they'd ruin your dinner, or cause you to bounce off the walls? We turned them into cereal. Screw you, Mom!"

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I don't know if there are plans to turn other Little Debbie cakes into cereal. If so, might I suggest Swiss Cake Rolls or Fudge Rounds? Make either one of those, and I wouldn't even need a bowl. I'd eat them straight out of the box by the handful.

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Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs are all well and good, but sometimes you don't want to deal with the hassle of making it all when you first wake up. Instead, you want something quick and delicious. That's where cereal comes in. And when the mood strikes, I reach for one of these.

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