Poppy has just released a punk-infused new album called Flux, which you can listen to now.

The record serves as Poppy's fourth full-length studio release, but her second on Sumerian Records after she made the transition from electro-pop to "post-genre," as she's called it over and over.

Compared to her last heavy album I Disagree, which was released in January of 2020, Flux is much more raw and has more of a punk-rock flavor. Some songs, such as the title-track, still have some electronic components, but "Lessen the Damage" and "Her," for example, are more guitar-driven and border on grungy. The singer's vocals are more mellow on this set of songs as well.

“On Flux, I wanted the songwriting to be the focal point, more than just the rollercoaster of emotions that I Disagree was,” Poppy told Spin earlier this month. "I feel like the statement and the overall point-blank message is apparent in the songs. With Disagree, the process and the writing were more of a culmination of many ideas within a song, and there wasn’t one main theme to each. There were many ideas being communicated per song."

Though she acknowledged that there's quite a contrast between the two releases, she insisted that she didn't go into the writing process intending to make something new and surprising.

"I don’t set out with the intention to do that. It truly just comes from how I feel emotionally at the time," she explained. "With Flux, it was more about me being in flux, mentally and emotionally. I don’t know if there will ever be a time when I’m out of flux. I’m accepting it as part of myself."

Stream the album below, and check out Poppy's upcoming tour dates here.

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