Nandi Bushell has caught the attention of many rock and metal artists with her impressive instrumentation, including Linkin Park, who've praised the 11-year-old's cover of their hit song "Numb."

Bushell uploaded a video of herself performing a drum cover of "Numb" on her Twitter account over the weekend, admitting that she only discovered Linkin Park in the last week.

"So many great songs!" she wrote in the tweet. "So this is nu-metal! I like the keyboards and the DJ scratching. Chester Bennington had such an incredible voice. He sang with real power."

If this was the youngster's introduction to nu-metal, we're looking forward to what she'll potentially cover in the future as she discovers more.

Watch the video below.

Shortly after her video was posted online, it caught the attention of Linkin Park, who shared the video and wrote, "Wow, this is awesome" on their Twitter. Bushell thanked the band for sharing her work in return, and complimented them again on their music.

Bushell's efforts have been recognized by several other musicians over the last several months, including Slipknot's Jay Weinberg and Metallica's Kirk Hammett. She was gifted signature guitars by both Muse's Matt Bellamy and Tom Morello, and Dave Grohl — whom she participated in a drum battle with — even wrote a song about her.

The young rocker has accumulated over 289,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she frequently uploads covers, original songs, her interactions with different musicians and other endeavors, including a performance for Cartoon Network.

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