This letter really hits the nail on the head with what we're feeling and what Chester's music brought to us.


For the past few days we've been waiting to hear word from Linkin Park. Any word. Something. We just wanted an official statement from the band concerning Chester. And this morning, we finally got those words on their facebook page.


Linkin Park's facebook page has been a little active for the past 4 days. They posted their latest music video on July 20th, mere hours before the world found out about Chester's passing. Since then they've posted pictures and an announcement of the cancellation of their North American Tour. But one of the most significant things was that they created a website for fans mourning Chester.


It's a site were fans can come together and grieve and express themselves and what they're feeling with this death. This was a great thing for Linkin Park to do at this time, because when someone commits suicide, it affects a lot of people. Especially when that someone is a celebrity. To some people that might be a message of "Well, if a person I looked up to couldn't handle their demons, or their depression, or their suicidal thoughts, what hope is there for me?" And the answer is: There is always hope. You are NOT alone. And that's what this website proves. It's a community of fans that might be having the same thoughts and feelings as you, or simply just want to grieve and know that they aren't the only ones feeling this way. It's a fantastic coping mechanism for this modern tech savvy world. And it's available at


So for the past four days the band have been grieving, mourning, creating this website, and dealing with the media. But this morning they finally released a heartfelt open letter to Chester on their facebook page.




And here's the music video for "Talking to Myself" that was released just a few hours before Chester was pronounced dead.





Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

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