Linkin Park gets personal in their new music video.


Say what you will about Linkin Park, I'm still a fan. I know they've changed a LOT over the years. What once was a rock band that brought us a new form of rock/rap are constantly pushing the line between 'alternative' and 'Top 40' styles. While they've never actually made the full transition into Top 40 Pop territory (thank god), their music has a different vibe now than it did way back in the early 2000s. They've gone from YELLING, and ANGER, and SINGING and RAPPING about STRESS and TEEN ANGST...To battling more personal issues, like alcoholism. While alcoholism is a difficult battle that many people struggle with, Linkin Park accurately portray that battle in their new video.


So, while Linkin Park's style may change from time to time, one thing that remains the same is that their music, no matter what the type, speaks to us. And I think that is awesome.



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