Rammstein singer Till Lindemann's big year continues with the release of "Ich weiß es nicht," the second single off the Lindemann band's forthcoming album, F&M.

In English, the song's title translates to "I Don't Know" and is more upbeat contrast to the dark, brooding textures of "Steh auf," the first single that was released between the collaborative duo of Rammstein's hulking frontman and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain). Here, some of the familiar, straight-ahead catchy synth melodies that dominated the band's Skills in Pills debut have resurfaced, making it an all-around feel-good boot-stomper.

If you're looking for a moodier alternative to "Ich weiß es nicht," a remixed version handled by Ministry has been released in conjunction with the studio version of the latest single. It's got the signature Al Jourgensen touch, coming off as a tad glitchy with the alternating sounds of crunching guitars and select melodies creating a playful balance.

Listen to both versions below.

F&M, the successor to 2015's Skills in Pills, will be out Nov. 22. It'll be the second album to feature Till Lindemann this year, the first most famously being Rammstein's self-titled effort which ended the band's decade-long studio drought and sent the group on a summer stadium tour across Europe.

Lindemann, "Ich weiß es nicht"

Lindemann, "Ich weiß es nicht" Ministry Remix

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