Danzig sings Durst? No, not really. But the hilarious Glenn Danzig impression that leads a Misfits-style cover version of Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" is so scarily accurate that it might as well be a deep fake.

The musical amalgamation is called "All Hell Breaks Stuff," and it's the product of an outfit known as Limp Mizfit that emerged on YouTube last month, as Metal Injection recently reported. The Limp Bizkit-meets-Misfits take on "Break Stuff," so far the "Lodi, Florida" act's only upload, was "performed by Glenn Durstzig and Wes Wolfgang von Borlandstein," according to the details in the video's description. (The other half of the song title likely derives from All Hell Breaks Loose at the Palace, a 1991 Danzig live album bootleg.)

Hear "All Hell Breaks Stuff" near the bottom of this post.

Beyond the comedy contained in the spoof track, Limp Mizfit's creation makes a strong case that it's not "just one of those days," after all. That's because the cover sounds like it could come from a parallel universe where the legendary Danzig fronts Limp Bizkit instead of the group's actual nu-metal icon, Fred Durst.

Just imagine Glenn Danzig's signature yowl on the lines, "Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker" and "I just might break your fucking face tonight." (Not that Misfits or Danzig never had any aggressive lyrics — they certainly did — but something about the silly juxtaposition found here makes it prime satire.)

Actually, you don't have to imagine — simply listen to Limp Mizfit's "All Hell Breaks Stuff" and immerse yourself in a sonic world where the Misfits and Limp Bizkit are quite possibly one in the same.

Just don't rip anyone's head off.

"Limp Mizfit - All Hell Breaks Stuff" Misfits-Style Limp Bizkit Cover

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