The friendship between Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister and WWE legend Triple H is one of metal’s greatest bromances, and it came from mutual respect. Triple H reached new heights in WWE after Lemmy Kilmister sang his entrance music, but the gravel-voiced frontman benefited even further, giving The Game credit for Motorhead’s career rejuvenation.

Triple H recently appeared on Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit podcast to promote NXT TakeOver: War Games, which will air live Sunday, Dec. 6 on the WWE Network. During the chat, The Game spoke about a heart-to-heart he had with Lemmy before a Motorhead gig.

“We were talking and [Lemmy] goes, ‘You’ve gotta look out there tonight. Wait until you see all the kids that are at our event. We didn’t have any of that before we started with you,’” Triple H recalls.

“He said, ‘It used to be an old-timer event at our shows where it was all these old metalheads that had kinda aged out. All of a sudden, we’re like this cool, young band and we’ve got kids here and teenagers and young adults that are at our shows again. It’s been like a refresh for us.’ To me, there was no bigger compliment.”

Triple H also revealed the music that WWE chairman Vince McMahon listens to, including his all-time favorite band AC/DC. “He’s sort of a classic rock kind of guy. AC/DC is the big thing for him,” the wrestler and NXT leader says. “The Stones, Bob Seger — those are the things that really resonate with him … He loves the music, but to him, it’s the experience. Kid Rock, ZZ Top — all that stuff where they can give you that performance as well. Not just the music, but the performance is big, too — he loves that.”

Check out the full interview with Triple H above and watch the WWE Hall-of-Famer play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ here.

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