If you're looking for a show to binge watch, I very much recommend Legion.


If you don't know what Legion is...let me attempt to explain it without spoiling anything.


The characters in Legion are based on characters from Marvel comics. They are mutants, but they aren't X-men.


David, the main character, is a very powerful mutant. Like, Professor X powerful. He's telekinetic and telepathic. The only problem is...he can't control his powers. So he's been misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic and been living in a psych ward for 6 years because he hears "voices".


That's where the show starts, with two opposing groups finding out about David's powers. One is a government group that wants to control him, the other is a rogue group that wants to help him get control of his powers so that he can live a 'normal' life outside of the psych ward.




I'm gonna be honest, there are some shows out there that you can have on your tv in the background while you do chores around your house and only look up every few minutes to catch a glimpse of what's going on and not really have missed anything. Legion is NOT one of those shows. You have to be paying attention 120% of the time. Blink and you could miss something.


I'm pretty sure they added stuff in the background of certain shots just to mess with you.


Example: When FX showed a new episode of Legion, it would have a repeat on right afterwards. Sometimes I'd watch the repeat to see if I missed anything during my first watch. In the first few episodes, when I rewatched them, I realized that during some of the psych ward scenes, when you look out the window into the foliage outside...there's a guy hiding in the foliage. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. They NEVER explain it.* But I'm pretty sure they did this intentionally to make the viewer feel as crazy as David. Because when you think you see a guy in the background hiding in the foliage that no one acknowledges, you start to question yourself. "WAS there a guy there?" "Did I make him up?" "Am I seeing things?" "Is he important?" And after I asked myself these things, I realized that these are the types of questions that David is asking himself all the time in the show....


*As I was typing this I finally realized who the guy in the foliage was. Even after the show is over I'm still figuring out stuff! I had to go back and watch that scene for a third time and finally my brain went "OHHHHHHH!!!!!"


What I really liked about Legion, from the beginning, was the fact that you the viewer knew just as much information as David, the main character, did. You didn't know any information ahead of David, you learned with him. Which means that you were just as confused as he was.


The cinematography and editing were brilliant because they made the audience see and experience what David was experiencing. You (like David) never really knew what was reality and what was going on in David's head.



Like I said, the makers of this show know what they're doing.


SIDE NOTE: if Aubrey Plaza isn't nominated for an Emmy for her performance as Lenny, I'm gonna be pissed.


Also, another reason to watch Legion? You get to see Aubrey Plaza do this:



That being said...the season finale was a bit...underwhelming for me. Good. But underwhelming compared to all the other episodes. I think it's because the first 7 episodes were so crazy that you just got used to the glitchy perspectives and constantly having information thrown at you that by the time episode 8, the season finale, got here, the show had a chance to slow down and resolve conflicts...and it felt weird. We weren't confused anymore, we had questions answered, and it progressed as if it were a 'normal' show, which it is anything but.


Regardless, I REALLY enjoyed the show as a whole. It's THE best Marvel show out there. Not "one of" the best...THE best.


Season 1 is only 8 episodes, so it's fairly easy to catch up on compared to other 20-some-odd episode shows. SO GET TO BINGE-ING!!!!


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