In Madison, Wis. a 52 year old man James Summers walked into a Denny's announced that he was the new general manager and started cooking his own food.

According to news 14 WFIE's website,

"According to the complaint and the police news release, Summers, 52, entered the Denny's and found restaurant manager Tracy Brant counting out the day's receipts in a back office. He announced he was her new general manager and would be starting work that evening.

Brant challenged him, saying corporate headquarters hadn't notified her of any new general manager. She suggested he had the wrong restaurant.

But Summers maintained his story, growing more confrontational after Brant told him she didn't believe him. He told her he was starting and that was final, investigators said in the complaint.

She was able to get Summers out of the office and close her door. She called a hiring manager who confirmed Summers didn't work for Denny's.

While she was on the phone, her cooks knocked on the door and told her Summers had prepared himself a meal. He was in the middle of eating when Brant confronted him again. She told him he didn't work for Denny's and he had to leave."

Summers refused to pay for his $10 meal and walked out of the restaurant after he finished eating.

When the police searched him there was a stun gun under his coat and several crack pipes in his briefcase. He will be charged with disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a electrical weapon.

I read this and about fell out of my chair laughing. Could you imagine eating in Denny's when this happened! Some people are completely crazy!

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