On Tuesday, Amazon unveiled the first look at their reboot of A League Of Their Own. The minute-long teaser trailer is set to the Stevie Nicks track “Edge Of Seventeen” and shows us the full main cast of the show in costume. There's no audio from the show itself, so it is indeed a teaser, but it's still a great look at what's in store.

The series is going to be an eight episode drama, which sounds like just a slight departure from the source material. The film on which the series is based was more of a comedy, but based on the trailer, the TV version could be more serious. Take a look at the first teaser below:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter back in 2020, Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson explained their relationship with the film, and why it compelled them to do an adaptation. Graham said:

I had always been obsessed with the movie. I played Little League for eight years and I’m queer and it was torture and I never felt like I fit in, that’s part of why I was so obsessed with the movie as a kid. It’s a story that has this queer subtext about how you can find a place on the field. I started looking into the queer history of the league and started thinking of it.

Here is the series’ official synopsis:

A League of Their Own evokes the joyful spirit of Penny Marshall's beloved classic, while widening the lens to tell the story of an entire generation of women who dreamed of playing professional baseball. The show takes a deeper look at race and sexuality, following the journey of a whole new ensemble of characters as they carve their own paths towards the field, both in the League and outside of it.

Amazon is due to drop all eight episodes of the series on August 12.

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