With over seven billion people on this planet, the law of averages would suggest there's a singer out there who sounds just like Alice in Chains legend Layne Staley, right?

His name is Brendan Maier and his band Chout just released a new song, "Seasons," which you can hear below. It's got that grunge/metal flavor Alice in Chains perfected so well, setting the framework for Maier to paint the rest of the gloomy picture with his Staley-stained set of pipes.

We're not saying he's just as good as the late Alice in Chains singer was — there's intangibles, among other things — but if you can't scratch that itch for more music from Staley, this should get the job done.

It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Within metal, there's popular singers in established bands who sound like other legends. They all have their own unique qualities, too, but you can't deny Ralf Scheepers was a dead ringer for Rob Halford and the singer in Count Raven has Ozzy down. In fact, we made a whole list about that. Check it out here.

And if you're really curious as to how Maier sounds singing some Alice in Chains classics, well, here you go. He's in a tribute band called Facelift. Below is "Man in the Box."

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