Lake Malone is among the most beautiful of Kentucky's many lakes. The islands, that amazing hilly shoreline, those BIG TWIGS.

Dock Trot 2023

It's been a fun camping and picnic destination for as long as I can remember. But for the past few years, it's also been the home of Dock Trot--one of western Kentucky's newest music festivals.

Kudos to the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission for taking advantage of the extraordinary ambience Lake Malone provides as the setting for a late-summer concert--a concert that will feature the following acts:

Dakota Hayden

Fordsville KY native Dakota Hayden will make his second Dock Trot appearance this year. An American Idol fan-favorite, Dakota has been a contestant on the last two seasons of the iconic talent competition. In Season 20, both Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were impressed enough to dub Hayden "top-ten material." We look forward to all the "material" he'll bring with him to Lake Malone in September.

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One Bullet Barney

For starters, a big tip of the hat to this band for its name selection. As a longtime fan of The Andy Griffith Show--"One Bullet Barney" refers to the legendary comedy series character Barney Fife and the one-bullet restriction put on him by his boss, Sheriff Andy Taylor--this truly speaks to me. But this southern rock band, which has been performing for more than a decade, earns its keep not by SPEAKING, but by doing this:

Party Down Live

One of the region's top cover bands, Party Down Live--based in Nashville--will be the finale act for Dock Trot this year. And these talented musicians cover the spectrum--rock, country, and pop. Having toured with the likes of Billy Idol, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Kane Brown, Selena Gomez, Kane Brown, and others, Party Down Live has this thing "down" to a science...well an art, I guess.

Additionally, a new partnership with The Country Station, 92.5 WBKR and Friday After 5 means the winner of the annual WBKR talent competition, "Friday Night Fight", will perform on the Dock Trot stage, as well as be a headliner during the September 1st finale of Friday After 5.

Dock Trot 2023 will continue its tradition of ending the event with a spectacular fireworks display.

Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission
Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission

What a blast this will be, and what a way to wrap up Summer 2023. We'll see you on the lake.


The long-awaited musical lineup is taking shape, as Friday After 5 prepares for a great 27th season with amazing bands, a couple of historic announcements, along with new community and tourism partnerships.
To keep up to date, visit and download the free app to follow the full lineup of events times, and stages for this wonderful family fun-filled “Art of Music” season from May 19, 2023 – Sept 1, 2023.


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