The Jag-Stang was a guitar that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain designed with Fender in the early-'90s, and the company is reissuing the Mexican-made model later this year in order to honor the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking album, Nevermind.

Cobain combined the Mustang and Jaguar Fender models and came up with the prototype for the Jag-Stang, which he took on the road with him in 1994 when the band were touring in support of their third album In Utero, MusicRadar reports.

"Kurt always played both guitars," Fender's Larry Brooks recalled. "He took photographs of each, cut them in half, and put them together to see what they'd look like. It was his concept, and we detailed and contoured it to give him balance and feel."

Brooks remembered the Nirvana frontman being easygoing when coming up with the concept for the Jaguar-Mustang hybrid. "I had the chance to sit and talk with him, then we built him a prototype. He played it a while and then wrote some suggestions on the guitar and sent it back to us. The second, time we got it right."

The Jag-Stang combines all of the features that Cobain loved about the Mustang and Jaguar models, and will allow players to create a similar tone to the late rocker. It'll be out in October of 2021, the month after Nevermind turns 30-years-old. Both right-handed and left-handed editions will be available in the colors "Sonic Blue" and "Fiesta Red" for $1,249.

See images below, and find out where you can get a Jag-Stang here.

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