Korn just released the new song "Forgotten," the second single from Requiem, the California nu-metal mainstays' 14th studio album to be released on Feb. 4.

A melodic tune with fuzzy guitar hooks that's true to the band's expressive aesthetic, "Forgotten" follows Requiem's first single, the equally catchy and heavy "Start the Healing." That song emerged in November when Korn announced the new album.

Listen to "Forgotten" and read the song's lyrics further down toward the bottom of this post.

Korn had cryptically primed listeners for "Forgotten" in the week before the single's ultimate release. On or around Jan. 6, the group's official website began leading visitors to a percussive tease that appeared to be related to a forthcoming song that some fans initially thought was titled "Now." Concurrently, other "stems" (isolated instrumental tracks) from "Forgotten" cropped up elsewhere on the internet.

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Click here to hear "Forgotten" on your favorite music streaming service. Korn will launch an extensive U.S. tour later this month with support from Chevelle and Code Orange. Pre-order Requiem here.

Korn, "Forgotten" Lyrics

Digesting deceit
I'm broken faulted
And that just better for me
This situation intrigues
I am assaulted
I don't know how I succeed

Bow down
Where am I now?
A plaything at your discretion now

Pulling away this veil I see
Realize this path's not meant for me
Stripped away are all my needs
And now all that's left is forgotten

I want to be free
You won't allow it
It makes me drop to my knees
What must I do to appease?
My effort's scalded
I guess I'll have to concede

One day I must decide if I'm worth it
Gave it life and I realized it took it
Don't feel bad for me
Don't feel sad for me
Don't feel bad for me
Don't feel sad for me

Korn, "Forgotten" Audio

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