Shortly after Walmart and Sam's Club announced they would require customers to wear masks when shopping inside their stores nationwide, Kohl's followed suit, announcing their own mask policy.

In a press release available on their corporate website, the company said the policy will go into effect on Monday (July 20th, 2020), the same day Walmart and Sam's Club will begin theirs.

Like Walmart and Sam's, Kohl's says they will have signs at the front of their stores reminding customers of the policy and will post employees at the entrances to remind customers they will need to have a mask on in order to enter the building.

Understanding the not everyone will be in favor of the policy, or are still avoiding shopping in person out of concern of possibly catching COVID-19, the statement encouraged those customers to shop online and take advantage of their "new limited-contact Store Drive Up service, among other convenient shipping options."

We have five Kohl's locations in the Tri-State; two in Evansville (west and east side), one in Owensboro, one in Jasper, and one in Vincennes.

Read the full policy on the Kohl's corporate website.

[Source: Kohl's]

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