What's scarier than killer clowns in the woods?  Not much.  But now you can hunt them down in this paintball experience! 

scary evil clown in the woods at night

It Chapter 2 was released in theaters today, and with the most famous killer clown out in Darry, other killer clowns are following suit. French Lick Manhunt and Survival Games is hosting a clown themed paintball experience this October.  With this game you'll be the one on the hunt to rid their woods of killer clowns.

Here's what they say about the experience:

Appointments only! The Paintball experience for the month of Halloween! French Lick Manhunt & Survival games. Fun for all ages! Every night in OCTOBER you are given the chance to hunt down, and shutdown the killer clowns that have plagued our forests for years, with paintball guns! Do you have what it takes to rid our forest of these crazy killer clowns? Book your appointment today! Visit our facebook or call/text 812-666-6859 for any questions,pricing, or booking. We provide all equipment needed. See you out there!!!

Now it is by appointment only, so remember that before you take off to French Lick.  And good luck to you!

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