This video ruined my day. These children need to be educated and I want to find their parents and give them a stern talking to, because they have clearly failed their kids.


Seriously though, I know these kids were born in the late 90's/early 2000's, but how do you NOT know Radiohead? Or freakin' GENIE IN A BOTTLE BY CHRISTINA AGUILERA???


I mean, I was born in 1991 ( I know, I'm a youngin') but my momma raised me right! She made me grow up on the 80's. You play me any 80's hairband right now and I will know the song, artist, and possibly even album...BECAUSE MY MOM LOVES ME.


Also, I hope I never see that little asian girl for the rest of my life, because she knew absolutely nothing and it made me really angry. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB IS??? Have you been living under a rock your entire life?? Do your parents love you?


That blonde kid in the hoodie can be my friend though, he's cool. He knew the Counting Crows. That's an "A" in my book.




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