Even a pandemic can't keep the kids at the O'Keefe Music Foundation from keeping the cover songs coming. In the latest video from the music education foundation, a group of seven kids — most of them pre-teens — have tackled the White Zombie classic, "More Human Than Human."

We last checked in with the O'Keefe kids when they dropped a white-knuckled cover of Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power hit, "A New Level," and now we're staring down another nod to '90s greatness in the music video below.

The music videos have been just as much of a highlight as watching rock and metal's future stars take on some of our favorite songs and in this "More Human Than Human" clip, the group doubles down on pandemic imagery, donning white biohazard-styled suits as well as surgical gloves and face masks.

The best surprise, however, is the presence of a Hello Kitty kids' drum set, which, at Loudwire, we know a thing or two about and, frankly, we're amazed the kit held up long enough for this video to be filmed.

"More Human Than Human" is a tricky song to cover — it's loaded with effects between the modular synth (the giant thing in the video with all the knobs and buttons) and the effects on Rob Zombie's voice, but this group expectedly pulls it off, maintaining the spirit of the original with their own natural spin.

Locking into a tight groove is also something that comes with years of practice and, per usual, the O'Keefe Music Foundation kids surpass expectations. The lineup on this cover is as follows:

Annika Miller — age 7 — modular synth
Taylor Jade Campbell — age 9 — vocals
Willa Hillard — age 10 — tambourine
Logan Miller — age 10 — Hello Kitty drum kit
Gianna DeToro — age 12 — bass
Aidan Lamb — age 13 — rhythm guitar
Noah Williams — age 16 - slide guitar

Watch the cover of "More Human Than Human" below and learn more about the foundation here.

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