I'm the self appointed nerd of our workplace. You're talking about the guy who figured out the Fall Festival had free Wi-Fi within 10 minutes of being there. So it comes as no surprise I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but unfortunately the 'twist' was ruined for me before I ever saw The Empire Strikes Back.

If you haven't seen the movie, or know the biggest twist in modern cinema (M. Night Shyamalan can suck it), stop wasting time and go rent the entire series before you watch the video.

Perhaps you can set up a camera and get the same reaction that 4 year old, Faris, had the first time he saw the movie. Faris's dad set up a camera to capture the reaction, and needless to say its priceless.

Shyamalan, lets see anyone get that same reaction when finding out that Bruce Willis is dead at the end of the Sixth Sense. Or that everyone in The Village is living in some compound during modern times, but living like its the 18th Century. Or that for some reason Aliens who can be destroyed by water, invade a planet that is 75% covered in the stuff, like in Signs. Did I ruin all of his terrible movies for you yet?

Good, now go watch Star Wars and enjoy something called 'plot development with a satisfying conclusion'. And check out Faris's reaction here! Here's to you future Geek Generation, may the Force be with you.