Even Kid Rock had to question Tucker Carlson's endorsement of "testicle tanning" when the singer spoke to the Fox News host last week.

"Testicle tanning" apparently is the practice of using red light therapy to try and boost testosterone, according to The Intelligencer. It's a process where one shines a light directly on their testicles, as purported fitness professional Andrew McGovern explained to Carlson on last Friday's (April 15) Tucker Carlson Originals.

However, the therapy is rooted in flawed science, as The Washington Post reported, but that didn't stop Carlson from promoting it on his documentary series that also airs on the streaming platform Fox Nation.

Rock, who railed against cancel culture with Carlson last month, appeared on the same program. When addressed, the musician, who was listening in on the McGovern segment, responded, "Dude, stop! Testicle tanning? Come on. I haven't heard anything like that in a long time." (via The Daily Beast)

He also joked about starting a punk rock band called Testicle Tanning.

"Open your mind, Bobby!" Carlson quipped back, referencing Rock's real name of Robert Ritchie, before replying more seriously. "Don't you think at this point when so many of the therapies, the paths they've told us to take, have turned out to be dead ends that hurt people," he asked the singer, "why wouldn't open-minded people seek new solutions?"

Rock uncannily fired back, "I don't know what the hell is going on in this world. I'm not even sure if I understood that question. But some days you just want to stop this planet and let me off."

And that's the moment Kid Rock became the voice of reason on a conservative TV show that promotes misogynistic and homophobic views about “The End of Men” in between hawking snake oil.

Last month, Kid Rock released the album Bad Reputation, his 12th studio album. He's currently on the Bad Reputation Tour across North America.

See the Rock bit at 4:30 in the below video.

Kid Rock Talks to Tucker Carlson About "Testicle Tanning" - April 15, 2022

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