Sorry for the cheesy pun there in the headline, but the point is still the same. The Following looks like one of the best new shows coming to TV. I had the chance the chance to see the first episode the other day, and I was instantly hooked. Check out my review...please.

So I first have to thank our friend Eric from WEVV for allowing me to come get a sneak peak at the show.

Now let me tell you about the first episode...I'll do my best not to ruin it. The main character is Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon). Hardy is a former FBI agent who now seems to be an alcoholic, or least on his way to becoming one. Why is he a 'former' FBI agent? Well, his final case was tracking and arresting a serial killer named Joe Carroll. Hardy was injured during the arrest of Carroll and had to leave active duty. And if he is retired, how does he become the star of the show? Read on.

The episode begins with Carroll escaping from prison a few years after being arrested. The authorities reach out to Hardy to see if he can help bring him back in. We also get to meet Sarah Fuller (played by Maggie Grace) who is the only victim to survive one of Carroll's attacks. The authorities rush to her side, assuming that will be the first stop for Carroll.

As the episode continues, we start to see the Carroll had amassed several "followers" while in prison, And he now seems to have folks around the country doing his bidding. So not only to they have to worry about Carroll, they also have to worry about his followers.

Let me just skip to the end of the episode and say that it sets up the season for a very interesting, ongoing game/relationship between Hardy and Carroll.

The show is definitely intense, and definitely not for younger viewers. There is a good amount of violence and gore, and a few good scares in the first show. It's really nice to see a network getting a little edgy and trying to keep up with cable shows like The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy.

This is, to my knowledge, the first TV series for Kevin Bacon. He has obviously been in approximately 3.2 million movies, but I don't think he's ever carries a series like this. There may not be too many other names that you recognize, but I'll bet you'll recognize some faces. There are actors you may have seen on Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Lost, and the X-Men movies.

The Following premieres this Monday, January 21st at 8pm on FOX. Check out the trailer below, and then make sure you set up your DVR for this show.


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