Once this pandemic finally passes and we get back to a somewhat normal existence; it will be nice to look back and say we made it through.  Now, imagine being old enough to remember the last time the world faced a global pandemic.

For Ruth Evelyn Harrington, from Kuttawa, Kentucky, this is a reality.  Ruth recently celebrated her 109th birthday.  It’s safe to say she’s really seen it all.  This includes the Spanish Flu of 1918.   Luckily, the pandemic did not hinder her from celebrating this big milestone.

Ruth was gifted, with the latest way we can celebrate each other, a rolling party.  Cars from three different towns drove by Ruth to wish her a happy birthday as she sat in front of River’s Bend Retirement Community.  Different family members, friends and even her great-great-great-grandkids were able to celebrate all while keeping their social distance.  This celebration was organized by family, friends and members of the community.

I think awesome that even during this pandemic we can still celebrate those who mean something to us.  Obviously, it’s not exactly how we would like to celebrate but celebrate we do.  I mean how often does someone turn 109 and we get the chance to actually wish them a happy birthday?  Anyway, it’s things like this and people like Ruth that remind us things come and go but we’ll get through them.

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