There is no doubt the December 10, tornado is something that will forever be stamped on all our memories for years to come.  One WBKR listener actually recorded the storm from the side and it's wicked.


Reports from several different media sites say this was the biggest, most destructive tornado in the history of the United States.  It made its mark in four different states staying on the ground for nearly 250-miles.


The WBKR listener that captured this footage asked not to be named but gave us permission to share it.  They told us they live off Hwy 431 just 3.6 miles from Bremen and that their neighbor's home behind them was completely leveled.


We have all been told the storm was massive.  This video shows just how large it was and how fast it was moving.  When watching it the lighting and darkness of the sky go in and out but you can catch glimpses of it as it grows and moves quickly across the ground.  The storm it brings with it is so crazy.

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This listener was 3 miles away from the storm and you can see how strong the storm is.  Make sure never to endanger yourself to get a video or pictures of a storm especially one of this size.  Thankfully, they are alright and their home was spared.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those families and individuals who lost a loved one or their home during this time.  God Bless.

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