I'm gonna level with you. It took seeing something like what you'll see below to straighten out my perspective.

The rain this past weekend revealed a leak in my roof, which is easy to handle. But that didn't stop me from wringing my hands about it. But while the rain we got was the most we HAVE gotten in a while, it was nothing compared to what folks along the Kentucky River are facing.

On Tuesday, I showed you a video of an RV that had washed out of the Camp Nelson RV Park in Garrard County and was floating down the Kentucky River.

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If ONLY that were the worst thing the weekend's flooding rains yielded.

Beattyville, Kentucky has been decimated by flood waters:

And if the sight of that RV wasn't enough to reiterate how frightening river currents can be, here's a 200-foot-long marina forced loose and into the waters of the Kentucky River.

And when I saw a headline from The State Journal in Frankfort, it did occur to me (and then it was mentioned in the story) that we're not just talking rain here. This is a combination of rain and snow melt, a terrible mixture.

That's one of the reasons it's being called a "record-breaking event."

Needless to say, Kentuckians living along this river will be needing assistance. And, fortunately, The Anderson News posted a list of necessities on its Facebook page:

It says they're collecting those items at the Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Walmart, but if you wanted to donate, I bet you could get a hold of the Bluegrass Chapter of the American Red Cross in Lexington and they could direct you accordingly.

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