If the railroad crossing gates are down, or the lights are flashing stop your car.  One Hopkinsville driver decided to try and play chicken with a locomotive by crossing the tracks while the cross arms were down being narrowly missed by the train.  The entire ordeal was caught on camera.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King shared the video to his Twitter account with the following:

Sedan weight: 3,351 lbs

One Locomotive: 400,000 lbs

Entire @CSX train: 24,000,000 lbs


There aren't many things in life I can say is 100% but I will bet on a train EVERY time! KSP is working to ID the driver. Do you know? 270.676.3313 Occured in Hopkinsville.

Check out the video below, but I'd suggest taking a deep breath before watching, because it gets me every time.  The driver of that car was very lucky that day. I hope they never attempt something that reckless again.

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