Do you love the paranormal world?  Are you a ghost hunter or do you just love hearing about a good ghost sighting?  Kentucky is ranked in the Top 20 most haunted states in America.

Kentucky Ranked One of the Most Haunted States

The Travel Channel compiled a list of how haunted each state might be.  They used different television shows to collect data on the different cities in the U.S. and how often paranormal investigators were called out to investigate.  We were shocked to learn that Kentucky ranked thirteenth on the list actually tying with Washington.  Here's why Kentucky is ranked in the Top 20;

Bobby Macky’s Music World attracts visitors from around the globe. Built in an old slaughterhouse that was turned into a sleazy roadside motel, the current honky-tonk has inherited the building’s undying legacy. Most notably, that of Pearl Bryan whose body was found nearby. It’s rumored that her murderers were Satanists who put a curse on the grounds surrounding the bar. Another globally known hotspot in Kentucky is the Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

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Those states that directly connect to Kentucky are also pretty high in the ranking process.  Indiana came in at 17th.  I have never lived in Indiana so I didn't know anything about the particular serial killer that is mentioned but this is absolutely terrifying in and of itself;

Herb Baumeister was one of Indiana’s most elusive serial killers. He’d find men at bars and lure them back to his farm, only to kill them. Police started to catch on to the crimes and arrived at Baumeister’s door. His wife was shocked at the allegations, but as time went on and police continued piecing the clues together, Herb’s attitude became erratic. So much so that his wife filed for divorce … and a restraining order. While he was out on vacation, a secret investigation of the farm took place, uncovering 11 bodies. Many say those souls haven’t yet crossed over and remain trapped at Fox Hollow Farm. Other haunted spots in Indiana include the Black Moon and Thornhaven manors.

Tennessee Ranked #22;

How about Bell Witch which many of you know was the inspiration behind the famous movie Blair Witch Project?  There is also a haunted plantation in Tennessee that was owned by Loretta Lynn

See where your state ranked if you don't live in one of the states above.

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