Front door security cameras are able to give us alerts when packages are delivered, when someone is at our door and, sometimes, even alert us to things we can't really explain.

For Kristina and her husband, the footage from their front door security camera was haunting. In the video, you can see a shadowy figure, in the left corner of the screen, moving about. Then, a voice seems to be repeating, a couple of different times, the same thing into the speaker. And, playful orbs are seen floating around the front porch area. Take a look.

You know, not all sprits are bad. If in fact this is a ghostly presence, Kristina and her family felt as if it might be her husbands mother who had passed away several months before the video was recorded.

My husbands mother passed away in November and out of the blue one night our front porch camera caught this on video. I had just brought home some flower pots from her house and in one video it’s sounds as if someone is telling me to take the pots home. I put flowers in them and nothing has happened since. This was caught on camera a few days before my husband’s birthday.

Sometimes, things like this give us a sense of comfort, even make us laugh, feeling that they might still be somewhere around, listening, loving and maybe even protecting. Thank you to Kristina for sharing the videos with me,

My mom loved bluebirds. In July, it will be four years since she passed away. To this day, every time I see a bluebird, I feel her presence. There have been times, even recently, I have been looking out the window or sitting on the deck crying and I will look up and there is a bluebird looking down at me from a branch. It always gives me a sense peace, makes me feel loved and like everything is going to be ok.

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