During Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's press conference on July 9th, an executive order was signed that mandates Kentuckians to wear masks in public.

Starting at 5 p.m. Friday, July 10th, people will need to wear masks in most forward-facing businesses, like grocery and retail stores, and in outside public spaces when you can't stay 6-feet away.

The order will remain in effect for 30 days. Beshear says that this will be enforced by health departments. Furthermore, he firmly stated that if you do not comply with the mandated mask order, you will not be served by whatever business you are at.

He said there will be exceptions, such as for people with health conditions and kids under age 5.

On the same day prior to Beshear announcing the mandate, Scott County Circuit Court Judge Brian Privett issued a temporary restraining order baring the governor from enforcing his coronavirus-related executive orders with respect to about 500 agricultural related businesses. The order also says that Beshear must follow certain procedural steps in issuing or enforcing any executive orders.

According to WYLK, Beshear plans appeal the Scott County judge’s order.

You can see his full press conference in the video below:

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