Guns & Hoses is this weekend and that got me thinking about all of the cool entrance songs that the fighters come out to. You know with all the perfectly timed flashing lights and pyrotechnics! What if I had a fight song? What would it be?? Pantera? Maybe but it seems too overdone... Marylin Manson? Possibly but not quite it... And then it hit me! White Zombie! Of course! I have loved White Zombie since the very first time I heard "Thunderkiss 65" my freshman year of high school. Now Thunderkiss would make a great "fight song" but it doesn't quite have the feel I would want if I were coming down the ramp to enter the boxing ring. I had to do some more digging... And then it hit me! "Supercharger Heaven!" Now I'd need to trim it up a bit to make it the perfect entrance song...


We'd kill the lights and fire the song. You'd hear "I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen..." Then at :17 seconds when the guitars take over and the drums hit, the pyro would go off in an explosion of sparks! We'd keep the lights off and at :20 when the drum hits again, another pyro explosion! At :22 when the bass kicks in and the song really roars to life, the lights would come up and the song would rock out as I made my way down the ramp! Ok. Admittedly I may have put far more thought into this than is necessary considering, I'm never going to be climbing into a boxing ring but it was fun to pretend for a minute and take a trip down memory lane with some classic White Zombie! What would your fight song be?

Guns & Hoses XI is taking place at the Ford Center, Saturday, April 7th beginning at 7pm. Tickets are still available, start at just $15 and can be purchased at the Ford Center Box Office or The proceeds from the evening benefit 911 Gives Hope.

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