A Black Veil Brides T-shirt adorns K-pop star Lisa of Blackpink in the South Korean girl group's new music video for "Lovesick Girls." Does this mean the K-pop act are big fans of the Andy Biersack-led rock band?

That might be the case. A hawk-eyed listener recently spotted the Black Veil Brides top in the Blackpink clip that emerged last week. Pointing out the bit of synchronicity on Twitter, the user by the name of Chris M. appeared shocked that such a garment would grace the K-pop group member.

Watch the music video, which premiered on Oct. 1 and has already amassed nearly 114 million views, down toward the bottom of this post.

"Holy shit," the listener declared, "Lisa from @BLACKPINK is wearing a @blackveilbrides shirt in their new music video!!" In the same tweet, Chris M. tagged Black Veil Brides members Biersack, Jinxx, Jake Pitts, Christian "CC" Coma and Lonny Eagleton, along with Biersack's father, Chris Biersack.

The elder Biersack got the message, and he replied by offering a few other examples of K-pop stars showing their love for Black Veil Brides. While displaying a photo of another South Korean pop star donning a Brides T-shirt, the rockin' dad explained that the musical appreciation goes both ways.

"K Pop's finest, including G-Dragon from BIGBANG, know a bad ass rock band when they see one," Chris illustrated. "I hear that members of BTS love BVB, too. The feeling is mutual from BVB towards these groups. We need more of this kind of love from musicians all over the world, towards one another."

Of course, rock band T-shirts often crop up as mere fashion tokens, with the wearer knowing little about the artist they're sporting on their chest. But we have a feeling that Lisa and Blackpink aren't just giving lip service by repping Black Veil Brides. What do you think?

Blackpink, "Lovesick Girls" (Music Video)

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