June is the height of what is known in the world of animal rescue as "kitten season," making it the perfect time to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

What Is Kitten Season?

Kitten Season is the time of year when a high number of litters are born to un-altered female cats, resulting in an overpopulation at shelters across the country.

Photo by The Lucky Neko on Unsplash

47th Annual Adopt a Cat Month

Started 47 years ago by American Humane, Adopt a (Shelter) Cat Month is an initiative designed to raise awareness for homeless shelter cats and increase adoptions.

We founded Adopt-A-Cat Month® 47 years ago to encourage people to adopt cats from animal shelters, where there is the greatest need. We celebrate it each June – a month that also marks the height of “kitten season,” when large litters of kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters.

All cats deserve loving homes and pet parents who will guarantee they get the best possible care. By bringing home a new kitten and/or senior cat, you can be a hero AND find your new, purrrfect best friend.

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Kat Mykals, TSM

Spreading the (Cat) Love

As the resident "crazy cat lady," around here, I feel like it's important to spread the word about National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. My own fluffy buddy, Jupiter Jack is a shelter cat, and I am a firm believer in the "don't shop, adopt" mindset. The rescue knew I was looking for a Main Coon mix and called me when they pulled him from a kill shelter. He was set to be put down that day at only 12 weeks old. That's him up above the day I brought him home and below is a photo of him now in all his floofy-glory. It's amazing what a little love can do.

Kat Mykals, TSM

Where to Adopt a Shelter Cat

So you want to take part in celebrating National Adopt a Cat Month? You're in luck! There are a number of shelters and rescues in the Evansville area with plenty of purring feline friends waiting for someone just like you.


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Because the regulation of exotic animals is left to states, some organizations, including The Humane Society of the United States, advocate for federal, standardized legislation that would ban owning large cats, bears, primates, and large poisonous snakes as pets.

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