Just because Halloween is still months away doesn't mean that places stop being haunted when it's not October...

I am a big fan of paranormal investigation shows. It's kind of an addiction. I love paranormal and haunted histories of places.

But watching someone else investigate, and actually being the person investigating are two different things. Because being there in person is WAY COOLER.

So join in on your own paranormal investigation of the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, IN on Aug 25th!

The mansion was built in 1867 by William S. Culbertson. Known as the wealthiest man in Indiana during his era, he spared no expense in constructing his magnificent home. This second-Empire mansion is over 20,000 square feet large with 25 rooms, many of them elaborately embellished with exquisite details, including hand-painted ceilings, lavish hand-carved woodwork and marble fireplaces.

Over the years, visitors and caretakers have had strange experiences they couldn’t explain. They’ve smelled pipe smoke in interior rooms, have felt the touch of ghostly hands and often hear noises in empty rooms. Many feel it is haunted by members of the Culbertson family.

Join us as we investigate this mansion and attempt to uncover some of its secrets. This investigation will be led by Joni Mayhan, paranormal investigator and the author of 17 paranormal books, including Haunted New Harmony. She will be joined by several experienced paranormal investigators.

This event WILL sell out! So get your tickets NOW!

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