System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan continues to speak out on the topics of the day, sharing in a recent post that he feels the Black Lives Matter movement "never had legitimacy," and that he viewed it as "a Democratic Party fundraiser and propaganda tool."

In his post, the drummer shares a photo of an 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner, with the "Say Her Name" mention at the top of the post. The photo is also captioned with the headline, "BLM radicals murdered this young girl ... for 'crossing' an illegally placed barricade."

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Turner was in a vehicle with her mother when an armed group of people stopped their car on the road Saturday night (July 4). As her mother attempted to turn around at a nearby package store, someone shot into the car from the Wendy's parking lot while another shot was fired from the lot of the package store, with one of the bullets hitting Turner. Protestors that were staging a "sleep-in" at the site of the shooting have stated the shooters were not from their group while expressing their sympathies for the family. They also issued a taped statement Monday offering, "To the family, we stand with you and are here for you."

Dolmayan offers commentary along with his post, stating, "The supposed black lives matter movement never had legitimacy in my view and were always a Democratic Party fundraiser and propaganda tool. Along with Antifa they have shown themselves to be the enemy of the people of the United States and have adopted lawlessness emboldened by a sensationalist media and the moronic Hollywood elites who pander to them at every opportunity. They will be brought to justice but when? How many more innocents need to be murdered before we come to our senses."

In the comments for the post, one person responded that the drummer was "playing a dangerous game" by "downplaying systemic racism in the U.S.," to which the musician replied, "There is no systematic racism in the United States. Name one example."

Instagram: John Dolmayan
Instagram: John Dolmayan

Dolmayan has been speaking out frequently in recent weeks, first calling President Trump "the greatest friend to minorities," stating that he felt the Defund the Police movement was "the stupidest thing," and calling out Liberals as "cowards," saying they were sheep that needed to be herded. He's also shared other theories on other topics relating to political and social issues as well.

With Serj Tankian also frequently speaking out against President Trump and the current administration, interest grew in the diverging viewpoints of the band's members. But both Dolmayan and Tankian diffused concerns over a divide in the band, with Dolmayan stating that System of a Down is a band inviting everyone to enjoy regardless of political affiliation, and Tankian expressing his love and respect for Dolmayan despite their differing viewpoints.

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