The guys from Lamb of God have been increasingly outspoken during this highly political time, with multiple members publicly coming out against President Trump. Bassist John Campbell is the latest to speak against the 45th president, labeling him a “murderous sociopath.”

Campbell stated his opinions during a new interview with FaceCulture, getting right into politics with the chat’s first question. When Campbell was asked about the state of America in late 2020, the bassist declared, “We’re fucked. The national leadership is a murderous sociopath. And it's, I think, glaringly obvious, when you know that there's a deadly virus going around, yet you have rallies where you bring people together in a closed area.”

"The reason that we [did] these online performances is because it would be irresponsible to gather people like that. So we're trying to push forward as best we can, whereas the president of the fucking country is killing people; he's murdering people."

Campbell also believes in the growing opinion that, if Trump loses to Joe Biden, he will not concede the election. “I think it's just gonna get more and more chaotic; there's gonna be more violence stoked by the president. If he loses, he will [contest] the election and try and tie it up in court. He may try to incite his followers to violence to keep him in office somehow. I really have no idea what's gonna happen. It's crazy times we're living in, and people are very aggravated and divided." [via Blabbermouth]

Lamb of God’s career has long been steeped in political commentary, most notably on the albums As the Palaces Burn and Ashes of the Wake. The band’s anti-George W. Bush era became a definitive moment in 2000s metal, while their 2020 self-titled record addresses the current social landscape, though Randy Blythe’s lyrics are not specifically about Trump.

“You couldn’t dream up what we’re reading right now. It’s like, porn and Russia and backstabbing lawyers and trust-fund kids gone wrong,” Blythe told Metal Hammer. “Trump’s style is calculated. Some people are like, ‘He’s just a madman,’ but when something weird happens that comes close to nailing his ass, he suddenly throws something else. It’s strange, calculated and highly sociopathic behavior.”

Guitarist Mark Morton has also been outspoken against Trump throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. "Democrats all high fiving & doin cartwheels about the Woodward tapes as if it's gonna change anyone's mind,” Morton tweeted shortly after Trump was caught on tape admitting the severity of the virus. ”You're ignoring a fundamental truth. TRUMP SUPPORTERS DON'T CARE WHAT HE DOES. They're all in no matter what. He told you that from the jump. It simply does not matter."

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