John 5, newly-minted Motley Crue guitarist and former Rob Zombie axeman, is warming up for next year's shows with the hair metal legends and played some of the title track to the Too Fast For Love debut in honor of its 41st anniversary. And his hairless cat did not look amused in the slightest.

Today (Nov. 11) he shared a 60-second video clip on Twitter where he runs through the opening riffs of "Too Fast For Love," not only showing off his capabilities for playing those riffs with authenticity, but with a damn fine tone to boot.

The truth is, his cat, who gives the most deadpan, dead-inside look to the camera, just does not understand how good life actually is within the John 5 household.

We get it — this furless little kitty has probably heard John 5 tear off these riffs 1,000 times or more, but the idea of being passively present in the same room as this guitar virtuoso for hours on end is something that, for rock fans, exists in the realm of pure fantasy. It's something fans would probably shell out a lot of money for as a VIP experience, but has his pet pestered.

Watch the video clip below and disregard how this feline feels.

After Motley Crue had announced co-headlining world tour dates with Def Leppard for 2023, they later revealed that Mick Mars is retiring from the group, citing "his ongoing painful struggle with Ankylosing Spondylitis" at the age of 71. John 5, who has very close ties to Crue, was formally introduced as the new guitarist the following day.

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