Joe Exotic is staying busy, even though he is in prison. The star of 'Tiger King' released a line of underwear and some other fashions with Odaingerous. I didn't think it was legal to make money while you're in prison, but of course that isn't stopping Mr. Exotic. According to TMZ, his 'Revenge' collection sold out quickly, and has already made $50,000.

As soon as I heard revenge, I knew there would be something inspired by Carol Baskin. Oh, there certainly is, but I don't think that Baskin Robbins would approve of the Casket Baskin design, which features an ice cream cone of blood, along with a logo that looks very close to theirs.

Joe Exotic also has tiger print leggings, shirts, and the must-have mask. I cannot imagine anyone actually wearing the styles that feature Joe's face. Hopefully, they are being put away as a collectors item. The super popular briefs sell for $29 plus shipping.

This is Something You Can't Unsee: Joe Exotic's Revenge Collection

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